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Things To Think About When Buying Hip Hop Beats!

Things To Think About When Buying Hip Hop Beats!

OK, so you are scouring the internet trying to find the next banger for your album, mix-tape or video and you see all kinds of sites selling beats, so which one should you choose? Well of course I will always say AKTHIPHOP.COM, haha, but there are also many other great beat selling sites out there. I will not give you names as they are my competition, but I will tell you some things to think about when looking for hot hip hop beats online.

1. Make sure the beats/tracks are mixed properly and also come in .WAV format. If the beat is not mixed poperly and does not have that industry sound neither will your track. The reason you want a .WAV instead of a beat in MP3 format is that MP3s our lower quality and have a slurpy sound to them especially when recorded on then exported again. Just make sure the hip hop beats you buy have that crispy, loud, professional sound to them.

2. Try not to buy hip hop beats based on price only. I know you have a budget as we all do, but don’t buy cheap beats just because they are cheap. It may seem like a good idea at 1st but when you get in the studio and the engineer says this track is mixed like crap and he is trying to do quick fixes to make it sound kinda O.K.  You will experience “buyer’s remorse” in other words “what the fuck was I thinking when I bought this bullshit”. I suggest buying beats as a lease initially to save money then if the track is definitely going to be a hit, go back for the exclusive rights.

3. Buy Leases Or Exclusive Beats? This is mostly preference, but I would say for the most part go for the lease until you know you got a hit on your hands. For one it is cheaper and two sometimes you get the beat in the studio and the song just doesn’t come out the way you had planned. You can get leases normally from .99 to 99.99 and every price in-between, but most producers want at least 200.00 bucks for an exclusive track as they now have to take it down and never sell it again after selling you the instrumental.

QUICK POINT ON BEAT LEASES: (Don’t be afraid of the lease!!)

Most leases are only sold so many times and amongst  those sales a chunk of the rappers that bought them never even use them. (I know wierd Huh! But True!) Then amongst the rappers that do use them very few have a large enough fan base to where even 500 people will ever here the track they did over the beat they leased. Just a quick thought for those who fear leasing hip hop & rap beats.

4. Buy from producers you respect! This is not a must, but rather a suggestion to keep the odds of having a hit record or viral video go up. When you use a producer with a little bit of a name or web presence it can help your track out immensely if they love the song you do. Me personally as a producer if a rapper buys a beat from me on a lease and does a dope ass video and song to it, and gets it a nice amount of plays, and gives me proper credit. I will take the beat down and give him exclusive rights just cause he earned them. Not only that I will also do my part to make the track to go further.

5. Search in different ways and on different search engines! If you want to find as many options as possible you will want to search for beats using multiple phrases. For example : “hip hop beats” “rap beats online” “dirty south beats” etc. etc.. the more ways you search the more sites you’ll find and you may also find some undiscovered gems most people do not know about. Also use Google, Bing and Yahoo as they all show different results  for each keyword phrase you type in.

6. Steer clear of generic beat sites that don’t have producers names attached to beats! This is just weird to me. To credit a website in your liner notes and not a person/producer/production team. In the end it is your choice, but being a music producer and hip hop beat seller myself I personally think Wal-Mart beat shops are impersonal and kind of wack.

7. Always record it professionally! Now this last tip is a little for after the fact, yet it is so important I had to ad it. You don’t need to record at a 100.00/hr studio, but you need to record somewhere you know produces high quality sound on “hip hop songs”. You want an engineer that knows hip hop and knows how to record and mix it or you will have a tough time getting the sound you want. In the end when you post the song, or send it to the site you bought the beat from if it is quality you may get love in the future. Meaning they may give you deals on beats or free promotion because you are helping spread there name with a quality track over their beat or beats.

I hop this helps you in your search for that next heater. Hey and while you are looking you mine as well click here and check out some bangin’ AKT Aktion beats along the way. Peace!

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