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Want To Make Dope Beats? Stop Listening To RAP!!

Want To Make Dope Beats? Stop Listening To RAP!!

What’s up people I want to talk with you today about daily music influences and how they can effect your production style and also your way of thinking.  A lot of beats sound very similar these days and there are 100’s of reasons for this, but the 2 main one’s are that people want to mimic other tracks in hopes for the same success and two they listen to rap all day and that is just what comes out of them.

Now I am just as big of a hip hop/rap fan as anybody but crazily enough I barely listen to it (unless it is some real old school/or rare ishh).  I do this purposely to not be influenced by current artists. I normally stay out of the genre completely if possible. My main go-to’s are classic rock and r and b, also hits from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  Since music had less 4/4 rigidness and also live instrumentation more often then current music it helps you to think outside the box.

I will say you need to listen to a little bit of hip hop to see the kind of tones, drums, and styles that are getting love these days. This is not to copy but to understand what the majority of your type of audience is listening to. In the end pull out that old soul, jazz, or rock n roll and put up the Wiz Khalifa for a minute.  At least try it for a day, week, or month I guarantee you will go at your beat making and producing differently. Remember don’t just listen for stuff to sample. Pay attention to notation, the transitions, and the many different ways to arrange a song!  Hope this helps you make some new creative fire, Peaceeeee!,


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