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Rack Extensions For Reason! They Finally Did It!!!

Rack Extensions For Reason! They Finally Did It!!!

Hello Propellerhead Reason Users! They did it! It is finally here. I feel like I am in a dream inside of a dream. As an avid Reason 6 user I have been longing for the day that you could start using the same technology that are in for example VSTi plugins, stuff like the WAVES bundle and so on. Well reason made an upgrade to Reason 6.5 and now those type of plugins are going to be available. The update is totally free to Reason owners and you can buy all the extensions from the propellerhead store online. This is so dope I am flipping out right now, Is this real? Some one pinch me. haha. Well Enjoy the post I am going to go play with some Reason Rack Extensions!

How Are Rack Extensions Implemented?
Well you can now buy rack extensions (basically plugins for Reason) and they work just like anything else in Reason. So they feel just like the effects and instruments do with your current set up.

Basically Plug-ins For Reason – This Is Great

Official Rack Extension Video From The Propellerhead Site

Rack Extensions and Figure App Technology Preview

I will not try to explain the all of it to you as Propellerhead’s Site will do a better job of it. I just wanted to make my fellow Reason users aware of this awesome and amazing update that we have all been waiting for.

Click Here To Get All The Info From The Propellerhead Site

Here Are Some Videos About Reason Rack Extensions!

Bitspeek Rack Extension Preview

iZotope Ozone Maximizer Rack Extension for Reason

Radical Piano – Rack Extension

There are many more instrument and effect rack extensions out there, but I just wanted you to get an idea of how crazy this update is. If you are a current reason owner your update is free just log-in to your Propellerhead account and download the update.

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