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Distribute Your FREE Music To Digital Stores Too – Find Out Why!

Distribute Your FREE Music To Digital Stores Too – Find Out Why!

Distribute Your Music To Digital Stores Even When Giving It Away Free!
If you are on the popular streaming sites a lot of you may notice many of your favorite independent artists’ music they drop for free is not on there. Why? Because since they are giving it out, they are not submitting it to the proper online outlets maybe thinking there is no need. This is a big mistake! You always want to get maximum exposure on everything you do, that is how you get new fans and climb the musical latter. So you need to make your music available in as many formats as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Ignore This If Your Body Of Work Contains Samples You Can Not Clear, Or Release Only The Non-Sample Based Tracks To The Digital Music Stores.

It is super easy and super cheap to distribute your music to all of the top digital stores and streaming sites. I personally use Tunecore.com for my distribution to all the digital shops and stream spots, only 49.99 for an album and 9.99 for a single. But there are many more options for this IE: CD Baby. They are all similar in price and also distribute to most of the same places.

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Some People Choose iTunes Over FREE DOWNLOADS?

itunes9iconYes! Some people just like to make it easy , pay the .99 and have their music on their iPhone, iPod or computer. This may be surprising but it is true. You may be surprised how much money you can make of an album or single even though it is available for free in some places. In a lot of cases a fan may see a video and not see the free download link, so they search for it on iTunes, Amazon or their favorite streaming site.
You never know what will happen , what if you do a video for a song and get 1,000,000 plus plays, that could be tens of thousands of dollars in iTunes and from streaming altogether. Give it to your fans free, but if they want to pay you should let them. Also give them a chance to find you on their favorite streaming sites and apps at work, home and in their car these days.


Get Your Music Noticed By Being On Streaming Sites!

spotify-logo-primary-horizontal-light-background-rgbMost digital distribution sites also distribute to streaming sites like Spotify and you get paid for each play. It is a very small amount of money per play, but this can add up if you are getting a lot of plays. Also these sites also have radio playlists users listen to all of the time based on their favorite artist. If enough people are adding your songs to their playlists along with these artists you may get associated with these artists and have your music pop up in those popular radio streams. Also if you have any songs that feature another artist your songs with them on them will show when people are looking for that artist.
There is nothing wrong with releasing music for free. It is actually a very good thing to do when trying to build a fan base. But don’t miss out on possible income and even more exposure by not submitting your music to all the digital outlets. Thanks for reading. Now go submit all that music you have not submitted!

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