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AKT Aktion’s Exclusive Beat Page

AKT Aktion’s Exclusive Beat Page

Welcome to my private Exclusive Hip Hop & Rap beat selling page. If you are looking to get professional hip hop production from AKT Aktion you must fill out the form below and we will be in contact with. Don’t forget to provide your social links and also links to your best and most popular music in the message.


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Some Of The Songs AKT Aktion Has Produced

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I have been making hip hop beats for almost 20 years and almost 10 professionally. Every beat I make aim for great sound and big feeling record. I am here to help artists that are serious about their rap/hip hop career get professional industry grade beats exclusively at a reasonable price.


Hip Hop Trap Beats:

Get that low 808 earth shaking hit for your next project. Wild trap all of those favorite trappy sounds you like blended in a way only AKT Aktion can make happen.

Hip Hop / Backpack / Gritty Beats:

All of my production work started with samples back in the day and I am well versed in making dope sample based hip hop production for that underground New York beat sound.

Dance / R & B Beats / EDM / Pop

I don’t make tons of dance / Pop beats but when I do I try to make a hit. If you need a beat like this feel free to request it.

Hip Hop – Rap – Trap – Underground – R n B – Dance – Street – Grimey – Distorted

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